Product Pricing & Market Intelligence

Dynamic Competitive Adjusted Prices

  • Constant Market Price Comparisons And Automatic Updating Within Rules To Competitor Pricing -Over 1,500,000 Prices Checked Each Day
  • More Than 1,000,000,000 Product Prices Checked Overall
  • WorldfrontTm Prices Dynamically Adjusted Within Set Parameters To Ensure Desired Competitiveness
  • Competitor Intelligence Storing And Supply Of Pricing Information For Individual Marketplaces.



  • Target Specific Groups Of Customers Based On Their Online Activity Including Items Purchased, Items Viewed And Purchased Made By Similar Customers.
  • Multiple Touchpoints During Customer Life Cycle.
  • Customers Targeted Using Forecast Highest Revenue Email.

Product Vault

  • Product Details Of Over 87 Million Items Held - One Of The Largest In The World 
  • Multiple Sources Of Data For Each Product

Customer Facing Tools

Constant Automatic Surveys

  • Delivery Times Surveyed Randomly Across All Markets
  • Customer Feedback Managed On Marketplace Sites
  • Net Promoter Scores Randomly Surveyed And Checked Daily

Order Self-Management

WorldFront Marketplace Allows Customers To Manage Their Own Orders, Including:

  • Cancel An Order,
  • Rebuy Items
  • Claim A Package As Lost In The Mail
  • Automate Returns Process



  • Access To Multiple Third Party Marketplaces All Over The World
  • Ability To Control Pricing For Each Individual Marketplace To Allow For Differences In Fees And Charges
  • Geo-Bridging To Link Suppliers From All Over The World To Each Marketplace - Both In Terms Of Listing Products And In Delivery To Customers.

Group Buy

  • Combine Your Purchases With Purchases From People All Over The World To Save

System Accuracy and Management Control

Daily Reporting - Business Analytics

  • Live Management Accounting - Showing Item Levels Cost Components
  • Integration Into WorldFront TM  ERP To Validate Standard Pricing Assumptions, Weight, Dimensions, and Shipping.

Management and Reconciliation of Customer Payments and Supplier Payments

Legal And Regulatory Compliance Systems

  • Highly Advanced And Customised Filtering Systems

Logistics - Ordering and Fulfillment Processing

Automated Ordering

  • Orders Placed 24hrs A Day
  • Multiple Orders Placed Per Day Suppliers - Ensuring Quicker And More Accurate Delivery.
  • Daily Auditing Of Suppliers For In Full On Time Delivery

Fraud Detection

  • Multiple Aspects Of Customer Profile And Order Composition Checked In Real Time
  • 99.58% Accuracy
  • Chargeback Costs Less Than 0.01% Of Monthly Revenue