The WorldFront™ Platform Solution

From a seller view point, these additional sales are simply treated as another domestic sale and require no additional processes or costs, with shipping remaining to be a domestic address.  All the complexity of providing accurate pricing, updated stock levels and physically shipping the product via global fulfilment channels would be undertaken by the WorldFront™ platform.   All the global listing, pricing, compliance, integration and logistic complexities are totally insulated from both the seller and buyer by the WorldFront™ solution.

WorldFront “SmartSell™” Automated Seller Listing System

Listing items for sale on internet auction or internet marketplace sites can be a time consuming and multiple step process, our patent pending system simplifies this. Products need to be photographed, descriptions entered and selling prices set.  When products are sold, the seller must communicate with the buyer and monitor payment processing status and then pack and ship the product. A faster and much less time consuming process for listing and selling products online has been developed. It is the Automated Seller Listing, Order Processing and Fulfilment System.

WorldFront Group Buy Pack Size Technology

Patent Pending. Receiving information on the item, the information including volume pricing information for the item, the volume pricing information comprising at least one volume purchase price and information on the required quantity of the item to be purchased for the volume purchase price to apply; Offering the item for sale, the offer information including a standard sale price and at least one volume sale price, the offer information including the remaining quantity that needs to be purchased to meet the required quantity for the volume price to apply