Customer Facing Tools

Constant Automatic Surveys

  • Delivery Times Surveyed Randomly Across All Markets
  • Customer Feedback Managed On Marketplace Sites
  • Net Promoter Scores Randomly Surveyed And Checked Daily

Order Self-Management

WorldFront Marketplace Allows Customers To Manage Their Own Orders, Including:

  • Cancel An Order,
  • Rebuy Items
  • Claim A Package As Lost In The Mail
  • Automate Returns Process
  • Search And Manage Order History

This Results In Significant Reduction In Resource Required.

Self-Answering Helpdesk

  • FAQ System Directs Enquiry And Displays Answers To Common And Uncommon Questions Without Customer Having To Submit An Enquiry.
  • Automatically Reviews Customers Order History And Current Outstanding Orders And Present Information Which The Customer Is Most Likely To Be Seeking.