The WorldFront™ platform

Using our proprietary WorldFront™ platform, we currently sell and ship over 20 million products through marketplaces all over the world.  The WorldFront™ platform currently connects to over 100,000 suppliers and sellers with nearly 500 million consumers through multiple marketplace channels, with shipping via our fulfilment centres utilising multiple logistics providers.

The WorldFront™ platform seamlessly handles all technical data integration with marketplaces and other sales channels, providing real time pricing updates and stock level changes.  The platform is fully integrated with our network of global fulfilment centres allowing the efficient shipment of items all over the world.  This ensures customers get their items in perfect condition and within their expected delivery time frame.  The WorldFront™ Platform and software systems automatically manage country specific import regulations, customs duties, weight vs volumetric freight pricing, and all other logistic requirements to move packages throughout the world.

The WorldFront™ platform has been built and developed over the past 10 years by its internal technical development team, and handles big data and rapid information transfers in various formats and in real time.  It connects with all key parties within the ecommerce ecosystem, including marketplaces, sellers, and logistics providers allowing integration with various sales channels and suppliers wishing to make their products available to consumers in new markets.

WorldFront™ is already fully integrated with some of the largest marketplaces in the world, and is shipping over 20,000 items each day.  The WorldFront™ platform has over 20 million products available to purchase right now and more are constantly being added to ensure that the latest new releases and hot products are available for consumers as soon as they are released anywhere in the world.

The WorldFront™ range of available products include:

  • 800,000 Toys
  • 1.1 million Homeware
  • 600,000 Jewellery
  • 1.1 million Kitchen
  • 900,000 Beauty 
  • 300,000 Electronics 
  • 1 Million Sports & Outdoors 
  • 900,000 Arts & Crafts
  • 1.2 Million Lifestyle
  • 200,000 Baby
  • 90,000 Stationery
  • 250,000 Movies
  • 800,000 Music
  • 20,000 Games
  • Over 8 million Books