The WorldFront™ Platform Solution

The WorldFront™ platform provides the enablement solution for domestic sellers to allow them to sell onto other global marketplaces around the world.  

From a seller view point, these additional sales are simply treated as another domestic sale and require no additional processes or costs, with shipping remaining to be a domestic address.  All the complexity of providing accurate pricing, updated stock levels and physically shipping the product via global fulfilment channels would be undertaken by the WorldFront™ platform.   All the global listing, pricing, compliance, integration and logistic complexities are totally insulated from both the seller and buyer by the WorldFront™ solution.  The seller only has to complete a standard marketplace sale as they are currently performing and are highly experienced doing.

This benefits sellers through increased sales and revenue with no added costs or complexities and insulates them from global marketplace integration, pricing, compliance and shipping complexities.

Summary of the WorldFront™ Platform Solution

Use existing Listings

  • WorldFront™ platform will use a feed of millions of existing seller listings
    • Either provided through a marketplace API (or similar) or via WorldFront™ import directly
      • Building up to 20 million listings is initially feasible
    • Where the product has an existing UPC it is highly likely the WorldFront™ platform has the product data within its extensive Product Vault, which holds information on over 87 million products.  
    • If there is no UPC associated with the listing, full product information would be created
    • Listings would be listed as active (rather passive) which will significantly improve conversion rates and sales

Send listing information to other marketplaces

  • Once imported, the WorldFront™ platform will send and populate the listing information onto other marketplaces using existing API functions
    • The specific country marketplaces could be chosen by the seller as part of the global export sales opt-in program
      • Default could be to list in every country as sellers are unlikely to be concerned about where additional sales are generated from, as far as they are concerned, it is just another Australian domestic sale
    • Listings would be automatically checked and filtered by the WorldFront™ Regulatory and Compliance module to make sure that the listing complies with each country’s specific laws and regulations and with the different policies of each marketplace.
    • Other marketplaces outside the network could also be considered (eg in countries where the seller does not currently have a presence).  This would still result in increased sales and more revenue for sellers.

Order processing

  • All orders from customers from multiple marketplaces would be processed in near real time and all required information passed to the domestic Australian seller through their existing marketplace interface.
  • WorldFront™ would be seller of record for all international sales, meaning no risk for domestic sellers.

Update stock and pricing information accurately

  • The WorldFront™ platform would automatically calculate and adjust pricing for each listing so that all costs associated with shipping the product from domestic delivery to the end consumer in another country would be priced-in - these include:
    • Currency rate conversion
    • Marketplace fees (varied as required by category)
    • International long haul shipping
    • Domestic last mile delivery
    • Any applicable tariffs
    • Local taxes (GST, VAT etc.)
    • Customs clearance
    • International handling
    • Any additional packaging
    • Any additional labour costs
  • Shipping costs calculated based on 10 gram increments and using the most appropriate of deadweight vs volumetric pricing to ensure the most cost effective and reliable freight rates and services.

Delivery items to customers

  • Items would be delivered using the sophisticated WorldFront™ shipping and logistics system which would choose the most cost effective route and freight provider from a number of pre-existing and contracted available options.
  • Delivery would include:
    • Correct labelling of packages including country specific address formatting and indicia’s
    • Customs clearance
    • Long haul freight and required manifests/export documentation
    • Last mile delivery
    • Tracking where appropriate

Additional services available

  • Return postal services
  • Customer service
  • Reporting
    • A variety of metrics are available including overall sales, by category, by channel, gross/ net margin etc.


We believe the WorldFront™ Logistics and Software Platform provides the world’s leading marketplace enablement solution to leverage marketplace seller listings onto new global sales channels.  With over 11 years’ experience WorldFront™ has the complete end-to-end, capabilities, scale and global networks/presence to successfully deliver rapid implementation rollout and consistent monthly sales growth for marketplace export initiatives.